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Where do you fit in God’s mission? Consider Global Fit!

Are you interested in missions but don’t fit the traditional missions model? Baptist Mid-Missions’ Global Fit service option allows more people to find their place in missions, whether through creative funding and ministry engagement or in the strategic setting of Creative Access locations. Perhaps you have or are gaining a specialized skill useful to missions or you are simply approaching missions in a creative way outside the norm; we want to see you involved. Life is short, and time is running out. As a Global Fit worker, you can enhance the efforts of existing missionary teams worldwide putting more boots on the ground to advance the cause. Global Fit expands the possibilities for more people to engage in more ministry in more places around the world.

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Global Fit: a new avenue in missions…sort of

Let’s paint the picture a little clearer. The Apostle Paul is the classic example of a missionary: serving full-time to spread the gospel and train believers in the faith. But from the beginning, God has used people like Priscilla and Aquila, Gaius, Epaphroditus, Phoebe, and others who served in ways unique to their situation. Without career missionaries like Paul, missions couldn't endure for the long haul. But people like Paul's companions play a vital role in the Great Commission. By working alongside career missionaries, they enable them to do far more.

Think about how Paul's associates contributed to his ministry. Their service looked different in a number of ways. To find your fit, consider four variables for serving in nontraditional missions:

  • Length of service – Will you serve for a designated period or indefinitely?
  • Level of engagement – Will you serve full-time or serve part-time balanced with a separate career?
  • Funding – Will you be self-supported, partially supported, or do you need full support?
  • Location – Will you serve on your mission field or from home through internet connectivity? Will your ministry be on a traditional field, in a Creative Access Nation, or in multiple nations?

Possibilities abound.

Let’s consider a few examples. A pastor may want to maintain his present ministry but also feels burdened to train nationals on the mission field part-time. Global Fit enables him to do both. What about people serving in secular jobs that may live near BMM ministries? Being mostly self-funded, they can serve alongside career missionaries but be helped in their service by access to BMM resources. Someone burdened to plant or revitalize a church in North America wouldn't need permanent support but could benefit from raising funds under the banner of BMM through our network of churches. Other examples include those with specialized skills, like broadcasting, IT, sports training, healthcare, or other proficiencies. If you have skills like these, you can enhance existing ministries full-time or part-time while using those skills to fund your ministry.

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We as the church in the 21st century must find more ways to reach the masses still in darkness in our ever-changing world. Consider the billions in Creative Access Nations. The only way for you to enter these countries is by offering a business or service. Through Global Fit, you can raise extra support and have the backing of BMM's services and experience to navigate the delicate subtleties of serving in these nations.

These are just a few examples—the possibilities are endless!

God can use you in His global cause. We are looking for those who would not only fit with BMM in beliefs and values, but who also will fill a need to enhance the work our missionaries are already doing. We want to hear your ideas of how you could see God using you in these ways. Learn more here and contact us to keep the conversation going.

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