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Now more than ever
Let’s admit, times are tough! I was part of a group conversation recently, and the topic of world news came up. One of the individuals noted that she enjoyed watching the evening news before going to bed. To that, another individual in our group said, “That would give me nightmares!” I think that resonates with all of us. Now is the time to reinforce our commitment to be faithful disciples of Christ taking his message to a world in need. The need for more workers in this effort is critical.

Praying for more missions workers has become a theme in our BMM Family and among likeminded churches and missions organizations. The truth is that now—more than ever—churches and mission agencies feel the need for help in our gospel efforts.

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9:38—A time to pray
Matthew 9:38 demonstrates that this was on Jesus’s mind, too. As he observed the worsening condition of mankind around him, he exhorted his disciples (and us) to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers because “the harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

This coincides with Advance the Vision, an initiative laid out by BMM’s president, Dr. Patrick Odle in 2020. Dr. Odle gave the following challenge:

While praying for harvest laborers has been a habit of mine for decades, my burden for this need has greatly intensified since I started serving the Lord at Baptist Mid-Missions. As a result, I started a new prayer habit. Every morning and night at 9:38, I pause what I'm doing and pray for harvest laborers as our Lord commanded us in Matthew 9:38.

As a way to remind myself to pray, I've set a recurring alarm on my cell phone for 9:38.
Sometimes I pray for specific nations or continents. At other times I pray for specific ministries. Quite often I pray for the vitality of local churches, who are the senders of harvest workers. Would you join me in making 9:38 prayer a habit?

Dr. Odle has asked the Lord for 20,200 prayer partners who will commit to this prayer daily. Would you be one of those? You can sign up to become one of our prayer partners here. E.M. Bounds once wrote, “Prayer can do anything that God can do.” He is the One to whom we must appeal for help in reaching the nations.

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A prayer resource
Our obedience to Christ’s command to pray will require endurance. To help you pray in a fresh, targeted way, BMM created the 30-day Pray938 prayer guide.

Each page of this guide takes you on an adventure in prayer where you'll intercede for specific topics. We start with foundational prayers: God's work within families, churches, and Bible colleges. Then we move to intercession concerning missionaries and worldwide opportunities.

Imagine what God could do through laser-focused prayers lifted by an army of prayer warriors. Our world could be reached like never before.

Gravley family

Travis Gravley

Administrator for Church Relations & Enlistment

Travis Gravley & his wife Becky are former missionaries to Romania. He serves as BMM’s Administrator for Church Relations and Enlistment. Contact him at to learn more ways to serve.

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