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Missions internships are a tremendous way to get experience serving on the frontlines of gospel work. Internship opportunities abound in one of BMM’s most diverse fields of service—North America. BMM’s North America ministry team is made up of missionaries in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. These missionaries are engaged in church planting; campus ministry; camp ministry; bush aviation ministry; and ethnic-focused ministry reaching Native Americans, First Nations, Liberian refugees, French-speaking Acadians, Hispanics, and Jewish communities.

Baptist Mid-Missions partners with our sister schools in their efforts to train the next generation of Christian servants, pastors, church planters, and missionaries. To accelerate this goal, we are joining forces with Faith Baptist Bible College, Appalachian Bible College, Bob Jones University, and Shasta Bible College to offer a paid internship opportunity for students completing their academic ministry internship requirements. While priority is placed on students from these partnering schools, we hope to have openings for students from other schools, also.

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Benefits of Completing an Internship in North America

For a student preparing for ministry, there is possibly no better place to do your academic ministry internship than with BMM North America. The benefits include:

  • A paid internship providing part of next semester’s tuition needs at any of our partnering schools.
  • A chance to learn from the experience of veteran church planters and ministry leaders.
  • Opportunities for growth in personal evangelism.
  • Avenues for growth in leadership and organizational experiences.
  • Exposure to ministries that have the backing of a century worth of ministry experience under the banner of a trusted leader in global ministry.
  • Involvement in globalized ministries without having to travel internationally.
  • Bilingual ministry opportunities for those who speak Spanish or French.
  • An ability to do international ministry (Canada and Mexico) without the demands or expense of lengthy travel.
  • Exposure to a dynamic, pioneering ministry culture.
  • Choices in ministry location ranging from rural to urban, national to international, and local church to parachurch.
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The Need in North America

Canada is suffering the effect of the rise of secularism; Mexico is afflicted by the grip of Catholicism; and the US has arrived at a place where most Americans now have no affiliation with any religious institution. Every single nation on earth has a representative population in either Canada or the US, many numbering in the millions. The nations are standing at our doorstep and the base of global missions ministry for the last century is now in as great a need as any other region of the globe. What better place to prepare for globalized ministry than in an accessible, familiar location with veteran missionaries willing to pass on not only their experience but also their pioneering spirit.


Steve Anderson

BMM Field Administrator for North America

The Anderson’s began serving with BMM after leading a church revitalization ministry in Colorado.

Contact Steve at with inquiries about our internship partnerships in North America.

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