Shae (Sharron) Zabel


The harvest fields are white and the laborers are few. Shae has been burdened for the lost souls of Slovakia. There is great spiritual darkness covering this small country of 5 million people. Catholicism and Lutheranism are the primary religions practiced, but these religions don’t provide the saving hope of the gospel. In the middle of this darkness, there is a small church that is shining a light. It is to the city this church is located that Shae has been called to GO. She is going to use the gifts God has given to help with discipling, teaching English (in the community and in the Bible Institute), helping with the children’s ministry, learning the language, and potentially making connections in the Deaf community within Slovakia.

Shae graduated from Liberty University and has been working in the business office of Maranatha Baptist University. Shae’s home church - Berean Baptist Church of Beloit, WI - has confirmed her calling to this field and is sending her into the harvest fields.

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