Toby and Susan Stevens

Stevens TS 2021

Toby and Susan Stevens are church planters with Baptist Mid-Missions, serving in East Cambridge, Massachusetts. They have two sons, Curtis and Clayton. Their sending church is Faith Baptist Church of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Toby and Susan yearn to observe their mission church in the Boston area, International Baptist Church, grow into a group of believers representing their community’s diversity. Upon maturity, the church can then launch church plants into other metropolises of the world. Toby and Susan seek to accomplish this through building relationships and sharing the gospel with the immigrant and international community located in their neighborhood and throughout Boston.

As a family, they regularly pray for individuals with whom they have built relationships, prayerfully expecting the growth of the church plant in East Cambridge and the observation of the extension of LIFE to other cities of the world. They desire to observe God establish a flourishing church in East Cambridge that is passionately involved in building relationships that lead to evangelism, discipleship, and the edification of believers in the city where the opportunities for global impact are abundant.

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