Stephan and Rebekah Philippi

Philippi SR 23

Originally from Germany, Stephan served as a single medical missionary with BMM in Southeast Asia from 2013 to 2020. In 2020 he returned to the USA for 1 year, during which time he married Rebekah, who also joined BMM as a missionary to Southeast Asia. They returned together in May 2021. However, in April 2022 visa issues prevented them from continuing in their previous ministry assignment.

After it became clear that they could not return, they began looking for where God would have them serve next. God has now made it clear that He is calling them to Peru to assist with the Bible institute/seminary ministry. Both Stephan and Rebekah have extensive church ministry experience, and Stephan has experience teaching classes in a Bible institute. Having now received his MDiv, he plans to teach full-time at one of the aforementioned seminaries.

The Philippis have two children, Margaret and Miriam.

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