Russ and Bianca McCrocklin

Mc Crocklin Russ Bianca

We met at church while attending college and were married in 2001. Since Bianca’s mother is German, we have taken many trips to Germany. After chaperoning our students on our school’s mission trip to Germany, we were confident that God had called us specifically to that country.

Although very religious, less than one percent of Germans claim evangelicalism in this most-populous country in Europe. During our first term, we aim to help Mark Boyd with a church plant in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, a town of 130,000 in Bavaria. In a solidly Roman Catholic town, whose people dwell beside a monastery and a convent, earn indulgences, and purchase holy water, the cry of “Sola Fide!” ("Faith alone!") must be proclaimed. The people of Neumarkt need to know that only the sufficient work of Christ can justify them from their sins.

The German people have a great appreciation for music and a great need for theological training; thus, Bianca and I know that the Lord has uniquely equipped us for the ministry that awaits. Our goal is to make disciples that make disciples, and establish churches that reproduce churches.

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