Mike and Michelle Freeze

Freeze 18

Both Michelle and I grew up in Christian homes and had many opportunities to serve God along the way. After college I ministered in a jail ministry. Then, God directed further to serve Him overseas. There is a joy in serving God that nothing else can supply.

In 2000, we began ministering in Cambodia. First, for several years in the capital, we labored to plant a church. Currently, we are planting a church in a very poor province in the southeast area of the country.

From college student outreaches to a radio ministry to renting a booth at a local market for evangelism, we continue to use various ways to connect with people and explain the best news in this world.

One hurdle for ministry is the common mindset that the purpose of all religion is to improve those who follow it, emotionally and financially. Thus, there is a prosperity gospel that has stained the lives of many. In addition, there is much pressure from families to just follow the traditions. The longer we are in Cambodia, the more we realize the darkness, the corruption, and the broken lives that a life without God causes.

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