Ruth Coleman

Coleman Ruth

It seems like I've always wanted to be a missionary, and God made it clear to me that it was indeed the calling He had placed on my life. I fully surrendered to missions as a teenager. God used my college internship to guide me toward Honduras, and in June of 2017, I arrived here for my first term.

I am assisting church planting efforts in downtown San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Though I participate in many things (coordinating the teen ministry, teaching ESL, and teaching Bible classes in the public school), I have two main focuses: children's ministries and church music. I currently serve two churches: Faro, where my involvement is limited to Sunday evenings and music ministry development; and Fuente, a church plant in a poor downtown neighborhood, where I spend the majority of my time ministering to children and their families. Our children’s program at the Fuente church has steadily grown from the five children I began with, and our church has become known as “the Church of the Children” for the many children that now attend so faithfully!

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