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Hope Comes When We Help

Inherent to the human condition is the need for help. It started in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve had no way to clothe their nakedness, no way to cover their sin. The fallen world that they and their descendants found themselves in only amplified this need.

God is a helper of the helpless, which is why our gospel message comes with help—patterned from Jesus’s example. It helps people survive a disaster, as you’ll read about in World Relief. It’s care that heals through medical ministry, and it comforts the vulnerable as John and Bev Leonard are doing.

Biblical help is not handouts that foster dependency. Rather it is compassion that offers a living picture of Jesus to the hurting. It opens hearts to the gospel in ways that words can’t always do.

Biblical help gives people hope that God cares and wants to rescue them not only from their present crisis but also from their eternal dilemma of sin.

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