Manage mission guest house in Ghana

Various Needs

BMM Team Ghana needs a manager for the mission guest house in Accra, the country’s capital. Since Accra is a major city in this region of West Africa, BMM Team Ghana has used the guest house ministry to serve the region’s many missionaries who need to come to the city for various needs. Accra is a fast-growing city with plenty of need for solid, gospel work. Gospel workers in this region are often challenged physically and mentally, so BMM’s guest house ministry is a unique opportunity to facilitate missions and long-term effectiveness. Plus, since English is the primary language of Ghana, you will be able to jump right into the work and serve in a local Baptist church. This would be an ideal ministry for those entering an early retirement or moving away from a present career. If you are hospitable, good with your hands, good with finances, and organized, please contact us today.


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