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Updated July 27, 2022

With ongoing needs among relocated Ukrainians and those still in the country, our missionaries continue to juggle their own church responsibilities with periodic trips to shop and transport goods. Your contributions to World Relief are meeting significant needs as Ukrainians are still in need of basis necessities. Please pray that God will keep our missionaries strong and refreshed as they meet these needs and that He will provide funds for as long as the needs exist. 

“All this was financed not by our churches, but by our brothers and sisters from America through the World Relief Fund that was opened in BMM. We wouldn't be able to do it on our own. It takes around $2,000 per month just for car repairs and fuel. The income of the church decreased due to the fact that many have lost their jobs. So, there was no way the church would be able to afford this minis-try without the help of our brothers and sisters from America.”

—Pastor Igor (serving in Ukraine)

The latest news

Our Slovakia team of Don and LeAnne Waite reports that the pastor of their partnering church in Poland is concerned about the cost of utilities in the coming months. The price of coal has increased by 300 percent, and the pastor is anticipating winter heating costs will reach about $10,000. The church continues to house about 50 people, 29 of whom are children. 

Among the Ukrainian refugees in Poland, all the men have found jobs, either in building fences or in a factory. This has been a difficult adjustment, because many of the men are well-educated, but they can't find higher paying jobs because they don't yet speak Polish. However, it is a good start.

During Don and LeAnne's last visit to Poland in mid-July, a man from their church in Kezmarok traveled with them. Because he speaks some Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian, he was able to talk with some of the Ukrainians. On July 23, the Polish pastor, his wife, a church couple, and one of the Ukrainian couples visited the Waites in Slovakia for the first time, a great encouragement to them all.

Don and LeAnne are planning to take another load of food and hygiene items to Poland in late August. They are planning another trip to Romania in September to deliver items that will be taken into Ukraine. 

World Relief ministry to date

If you want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your gifts to World Relief are making a difference among Ukrainians, you have to read this article—Ukrainians in Their Own Words. It was written by Ukrainians still living within their homeland and ministering to those fleeing the fighting. Our brothers and sisters in Christ have taken great courage and are traveling into war-torn areas with both food and the gospel—and people are responding.

One of the men serving in this way said, “People in that area are close to death, so they listen to the gospel very attentively, and they ask for Bibles, especially large print and children's Bibles. People read the Word of God and pray, and soldiers do too. That’s why this ministry is so important! People can die at any moment, so they start thinking about eternal things." We can't say it enough: your gifts matter

Watch a video showing some of the relief efforts (Note: one of the scenes shows the team witnessing to Orthodox Ukrainians who cross themselves after hearing the gospel): 

Ministry in Romania and Poland

Our team in Slovakia delivered a van load of supplies to Romania on June 28. It will be delivered to a church that is distributing in hard-hit areas of the east, to the military, and to areas that have been hit around Kiev. The pastor there has started stockpiling supplies in anticipation that things will get much worse in the fall and winter. They are very concerned for the coming months because so many are displaced and have lost everything, and more and more are out of work because factories are not able to operate.

The Slovakia team is scheduled to make another trip to Poland on July 16. The refugee group there is revolving with new ones arriving continually.

Ministry within Ukraine

Our missionaries with contacts inside Ukraine report that World Relief funds are still being used for urgent humanitarian needs and to help Ukrainians prepare for winter. The 2022–2023 winter in Ukraine is expected to be one of the hardest ever, so funds are helping believers stockpile wood and to temporarily patch up homes. Because the believers will have heated homes, they'll be able to help unbelievers, especially refugees. The pastor distributing the funds had planned to organize teams to rebuild homes, but the current situation is too dangerous to begin that work.

The pastor is partnering with another pastor in eastern Ukraine who takes food and the gospel to the elderly and disabled. He's conducting VBSes in the villages to bring the gospel for children who are war-traumatized. Our missionaries' pastoral contact also connected with a woman who is fostering 12 children, some of whom are war orphans. Because of a painful personal situation, the woman had lost her faith in God. As the pastor and his team helped her with a washing machine and a better water source, she began to see God's presence in her life again. The pastor wants to hold church services in her home as a way to reach her and the children, most of whom are teens.

Ukrainian and Russian Bibles located

Our Slovakia team found a large supply of Ukrainian and Russian Bibles, devotionals, and Bible coloring books. They have taken them to refugees housed by the church in Poland that the Slovakia team has been helping. The pastor of the church recently requested more Bibles.

Slovakia/Romania ministry

In a village near where our Slovakia team serves, a church requested food for the Ukrainian women and children they are housing. (After several months, interest has dropped off among the partners who had been helping this group.) Our Slovakia missionaries took groceries to the women and children. Five of the ladies and about seven children came to church the next Sunday. Several had arrived into Slovakia only the day before after having traveled seven days from eastern Ukraine. Our missionaries plan to visit the house again.

Our Slovakia team has been delivering supplies to a missionary couple serving Ukrainians from the Romania border. This couple coordinates vanloads of supplies to be delivered to their own church in Ukraine and to those who fled eastern Ukraine.

“My mom wanted me to let you know, how much she is thankful for such a generous couple as you. She said the toys that you gave for kids, made their day. They are going through a very tough time right now and they do not know where they are going to end up tomorrow.”

—The daughter of a Ukrainian family being helped through World Relief

Can you help?

Our Slovakia missionaries described the large amount of relief supplies they have delivered as “a drop in the bucket.” Providing just basic necessities for so many people is a massive undertaking, and we are already looking toward the needs Ukrainians will have in rebuilding churches and homes.

God has our missionary teams in these pivotal locations to be a living testimony of God’s compassion to hurting Ukrainians. Your gift to World Relief equips them to bring God’s light into their darkness.

Give to World Relief through our Projects page.

To give by mail, make checks out to Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation with “World Relief Ukraine” in the memo line. Mail to:

Baptist Mid-Missions

PO Box 308011

Cleveland, OH 44130-8011

Count on us

Our goal is to be ready to bring relief both to Christians and to unsaved people that the Lord wants to touch with the gospel through this war. We honor your contributions by using them to the fullest extent to help those for whom they are given, and for accountability our missionaries send us detailed reports of their use of World Relief funds.

Please keep our missionaries in prayer for wisdom and endurance in their efforts. They want to effectively provide for and comfort refugees, even while balancing existing ministries in their already-busy schedules.

Thank you for helping us help others in the name of Christ.

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