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Venezuela is located in the northern part of South America and is bordered by the Caribbean on the north, Columbia on the west, Guyana on the east, and Brazil on the south. The Orinoco River runs through the country west to east and almost divides it in two. The population of Venezuela increases at a rate of one million a year, creating a huge youth population.


Roman Catholicism is the state-sponsored religion, although the Constitution promises freedom of worship.

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Past/Current Work

The work of Baptist Mid-Missions began in Bolivar State.  Our first church was organized in the town of El Callao.  Many other churches have been established in this area since.  Capable Venezuelan leadership has developed. 

There are now over 25 organized Baptist churches in Venezuela related to Baptist Mid-Missions.  All but one have Venezuelan pastors or deacons working with them. Most of the Baptist Mid-Missions works are in the Ciudad Guyana region.

A work among the Warao Indians of the Delta region began in 1953.  The New Testament has been translated into Warao, and work is continuing on the Old Testament.  Warao leaders are active in reaching other communities with the gospel.


Our basic goal is the training of Venezuelan leadership.  Starting with our first graduation ceremony in July 2001, Baptist Bible Institute of Venezuela has seen many graduate from our two-year, three-year, or four year programs in Bible, missions, and music. Many others have been encouraged in their service in local churches.  We are praying that the Lord will provide more teachers so that we can continue to expand our curriculum to include a program in education. Classes presently meet in a church, but property has been purchased, construction is in progress, and our desire is to be in our new building as soon as possible.

Workers Needed

Church planters are needed to expand the work in Venezuela. The Bible institute currently lacks the personnel needed to increase its course offerings.

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