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Japan is an island nation stretching almost 2,000 miles from the large island of Hokkaido in the cold north to the Ryukyu Islands in the warm south.  The standard of living in Japan is now one of the highest in the world. The culture is becoming increasingly western.


Japan's religious life is a combination of Shinto, Buddhism, and ancestor worship.  Shinto has been called the religion of eight million gods.  The chief deity is the sun goddess, from whom the Imperial family of Japan claims descent.  The Buddhism of Japan is a made-in-Japan religion, as it has undergone considerable change since it first arrived and is quite unlike the Buddhism of China or India.  Japanese Buddhism has adopted many things from Christian methods of work.

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Past/Current Work

Baptist Mid-Missions first entered Japan in 1949 and in 1953 moved its center of work to Fukushima Prefecture, northeast of Tokyo.  Gradually the ministry of Baptist Mid-Missions was expanded, and missionaries opened up new areas.  Ministries were started in the suburbs of Toyko and in Okinawa.  More recently new works have been started in Chiba and Saitama prefectures.  A vibrant camping ministry has also been established.

Grace Baptist Bible School is a full-time Bible school that also reaches across Japan as a video Bible school.  Four-year video courses for Bible, theology, and missions are soon to be completed.

The Japanese churches are strengthened through Baptist Video Productions, which produces videos for evangelism, home meetings, and training meetings for churches and individuals.

A Japanese mission agency, working in cooperation with Baptist Mid-Missions, has been formed and has sent missionaries to Bangladesh, Brazil, and to home mission work in Japan.


Most of the cities have some Christian outreach, but in the rural areas the picture is quite different.  Hundreds of villages and towns have no gospel witness whatsoever.  We need teams of missionaries who can move out from the large cities to distribute literature, hold impromptu Bible classes and video presentations, etc. in the many rural communities.

Workers Needed

Church planters are needed to reach out to the Japanese people, especially in rural areas. Campus workers and Bible school teachers could also play a key role in the growing church in Japan. There are also opportunities for outreach to American military personnel stationed in Okinawa.

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