Faith Promise Bulletin Inserts and offering card

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The Faith Promise program has a proven record of increasing missionary giving by challenging churches to give by faith. The  following four bulletin inserts introduce your church to the program. Contact us for more information on Faith Promise giving. 

  1. What is the Faith Promise Offering for Missions?
  2. Why is the Faith Promise Plan a Superior Plan of Giving?
  3. “But I Don't Believe in Pledges.”
  4. Why Should I Make a Faith Promise Offering?

Faith Promise Offering Cards: Pledge cards used to designate an individual’s or family's intended faith-promise contribution. Click to download in color or black and white. If you have trouble with the cards aligning in your printer, try these versions: color or black and white


Price:  Free

Download free printable copies by clicking the links above. (Inserts are two per page. Offering cards are three per page.)