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The Story

Bill and Deb Edmondson moved to Boston in the 1990s to minister the gospel to international students and scholars. Over the years, God taught them that the academic community is only one part of what makes large cities important places to minister. Because large cities consist of immigrant communities, tourist industries, internationally integrated businesses, and globally connected city governments, these cities are strategic hotspots for Great Commission ministry. In Boston, on any particular day, one can potentially touch any part of the world.

Global Crossroads Ministries

In time, the Edmondsons’ ministry in Boston began extending beyond Boston. Their disciples eventually left Boston and took the gospel with them. These disciples’ friends and family members have responded to Christ through their witness. By using video conferencing augmented with occasional visits, the Edmondsons have helped their disciples in their own evangelistic and discipleship ministries. New individuals have become Christians, and young Christians have been strengthened. By following gospel-centered relationships made in Boston, the Edmondsons have extended their discipleship into other parts of the world.

A Globalized Cities Initiative

Global Crossroads Ministries (formerly called Boston and Beyond) is a globalized cities initiative (a globalized city is a metropolis of at least one million that is connected internationally by human interactions). Global Crossroads Ministries is a team effort to join these disciples now living in other globalized cities, helping them to be faithful to the call of making disciples in all nations. Global Crossroads Ministries Team, together with disciples trained through the Boston ministry, will join our Savior in the building of His church.

Our Method

  1. Build the Church: The Global Crossroads Ministries team is working to establish International Baptist Church (IBC), designed to minister to the whole demographic of Boston. IBC provides the foundation and launching pad that their young disciples need as they go home and duplicate what they learned in Boston.
  2. Evangelize the Nations: Their outreach to the global community of Boston continues. They develop evangelistic relationships/Bible studies with individuals from all parts of the world.
  3. Recruit the Workers: They invite church members, interns, and vocational missionaries to surrender to the call of God and become living sacrifices, working in globalized cities internationally. They envision this work to be accomplished through periodic trips, but they will not rule out God calling a person permanently to one of these cities.
  4. Target Strategic Cities: Through relationships made in Boston and by means of demographic studies, they identify strategic cities internationally.
  5. Launch the Teams: Teams will include vocational missionaries, church members, and international disciples made in Boston. These teams will travel to the strategic cities to network with existing churches and/or to start churches capable of ministering the Word of God to their surrounding areas.

Workers Needed

Vocational missionaries are needed to join the Global Crossroads Ministriesteam to help accelerate the spread of the gospel globally. Contact Baptist Mid-Missions to learn more about this dynamic ministry.

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