Special projects

Special Projects

Special projects enhance ongoing missionary ministry by providing increased gospel witness at strategic times. We develop ministry plans for carefully identified opportunities, and we carefully recruit people who are enthusiastically committed to fulfilling the plan. Our past and current projects have included outreach at the Olympics and World Cup tournaments, neighborhood surveying for our Utah missionary team, and baseball evangelism in the Dominican Republic. 


Trips typically last from one to several weeks

Program type:

Individuals or groups serving on evangelism teams

Typical skills used:

sports ability, including baseball and basketball; canvassing; tract distribution; conversational evangelism 

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Application process

Application must be received by stated deadline (See ¡Playball! website link below).

After applications are received and approved, participants receive customized training to thoroughly prepare them for their specific ministry.

To learn about our upcoming special project, ¡Playball! click here. 

To apply, e-mail our Special Projects Director, David Ferguson