If you believe God wants you in full-time missions, our Enlistment Department can answer any of your questions or concerns. We work closely with each applicant through all steps of serving the Lord with Baptist Mid-Missions. 

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Application Process

This five-stage process helps us understand your background and how you will fit into BMM’s missionary teams:

  1. First Steps Survey and autobiographical sketch following an outline provided by BMM
  2. Formal Application
  3. Medical Questionnaire
  4. Doctrinal Questionnaire
  5. Interview with members of BMM’s General Council in which the applicant shares his or her call to missionary service and defends his or her doctrinal position

* After Council approval, applicants attend our annual Candidate Seminar training course, held each July.

Interested in taking a next step?  

E-mail our Enlistment Administrator, Rev. Travis Gravley