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New Frontiers Need Pioneers

What is a pioneer? When I think of pioneers, I think of people who are the first to enter a territory or develop an area. These pioneers clear the way—opening a beachhead if you will—for others to come and join them. They understand that hard work is going to be necessary in completing their task.

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Asia Needs Pioneers

How can one effectively communicate the desperate need for gospel pioneers in Asia? Let’s take a brief look at the numbers* from two of the four regions of Asia: Central & South Asia.

In Central and South Asia there are:

  • 14 - Countries
  • 2.015 - Billion People
  • Less than 0.5% - The percentage of evangelical Christians (of any kind or denomination) in those 14 countries is less than one-half of one percent.
  • 0 – None of these 14 countries issue missionary visas.

*statistics taken from The Joshua Project

What Do the Numbers Mean?

At least two conclusions can be drawn from these numbers. 1) There are still places in the world today where Satan stands unopposed, some of which he has stood unopposed for all of human history. How does that truth hit you? It bothers me. 2) Taking the gospel to the most desperate places and peoples requires some creativity. We are not going to be able enter these countries as traditional missionary church planters. We may need to go as teachers, or healthcare workers, or business people.

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Pioneering Is Personal

In 2009 my family teamed up with the Duane and Hannah Scott family. We were drawn together because we both had a desire to take the gospel to an area where it had never been proclaimed. God led us to an area of Bangkok called Pinklao. In the immediate area of Pinklao, there are easily one million people, yet there were no registered churches of any kind or denomination. We had no core group to start with and knew no one in the area. For the first four months of our Sunday Bible studies, no one attended. But over time we saw people saved, discipled, and baptized, and in 2014 we organized as Pinklao Baptist Church. Pioneer missions is near to my heart and an honor to be part of.


Reason for Hope

My hope comes from Revelation 7:9, which states that in heaven there will be believers from “. . . all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues.” Presently many places and peoples in Asia have yet to hear the gospel, so I am convinced the future is bright for pioneering Christians to come to Asia and preach the message of Christ.

Partners in Pioneering

Has God burdened your heart for people and places that have never heard the gospel? We want to partner with you. Reach out to us at or visit to explore the opportunities. We would love to help you take the Good News to the places that need it the most—New Frontiers.

Nate Beckman 2020 B

Nate Beckman

Field Administrator for Asia & The Pacific

Nate Beckman shares his insights in this second installment of our Missions Frontiers series. Nate and his family are passionate about seeing Asians find Christ. They have worked in Thailand (his wife’s home country) for nearly 20 years in church-planting ministry. Nate also serves as BMM’s Field Administrator for Asia and the Pacific.

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