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Gospel Impact at a Campus Near You

Today’s secular college campuses are the frontlines of culture. And that makes them the frontlines of the missionary effort. BMM’s Campus Bible Fellowship (CBF) missionaries work on these frontlines leading ministries that are among the hardest and most fruitful efforts within BMM’s worldwide ministries.

To appreciate the exciting opportunity of ministry with Campus Bible Fellowship, enjoy these snippets of recent prayer updates from two of our CBF missionaries:

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A campus worker paradise

This is a campus worker paradise, and I am having so much fun … For our third Bible study of the semester, we had 29 people out. That is about 9 more than last week. They consumed every scrap of food I had provided. Some of the nine were returnees from past years, and some were new. Pastor preached a masterful lesson on the love of God.

Some of those that came today we met at an information table on Monday. By “we” I mean three of the student officers and myself who were at the table. Three! Three young adults with a desire to see people reached for Jesus on their campus. Glory!

Our small groups got fully underway last week. Some students are coming to Bible study 2 or 3 times a week. There is THAT amount of interest in the Bible. They are asking insightful questions, and we are grappling with seminary-style topics. On top of that, individual students are coming to me with their personal concerns. I love it!

16 listening to speaker

But God…
These past two years have been some of our most challenging days of ministry since becoming campus missionaries. But we ALL can say that, can't we? We've all been stretched, pushed to our limits, and felt like the world has turned upside down and will never right itself again. So, imagine trying to minister to college students who think that our upside-down world is perfectly normal. The Word of God—to many of them—seems so antiquated and unbelievable and intolerant. This young generation is buying into the lie of cultural influences like never before.
But God ... He is still reaching out, moving in the hearts of people around the world. Even in the lives of college students … Praise the Lord for one student named Jacob who recently accepted Christ as his Savior! He had always assumed that he was a Christian; but through some discipleship opportunities, he came to see that he truly had not taken that step toward repentance from his sins and accepting through faith the work of Jesus on the cross. It has truly made a difference in his life! … We so love to watch students growing in their newfound faith!

6 IMG 0895

Why not you?

As you read these excerpts, could you sense the excitement and fulfillment—as well as the distinctiveness—of this kind of ministry? It comes from several noteworthy aspects of CBF ministry:

  1. Campus ministry is cross-cultural (and countercultural).
  2. Campus ministry is a strategic way to reach all the nations.
  3. Campus ministry is vital for discipling the next generation.
  4. Campus ministry reaches lost young people at a critical juncture in their lives.
  5. Campus ministry is dependent on active local churches.

These aspects of the week-in/week-out routine of CBF missionaries make their ministry a model for using one’s life for gospel impact.
BMM is seeking more faithful servants who desire to live out the gospel among today’s students. Will you consider getting in touch? There are many more exciting stories of God’s work today on campuses around the country. Check out CBF’s website to learn more.

Gravley family

Travis Gravley

Administrator for Church Relations and Enlistment

Travis Gravley & his wife Becky are former missionaries to Romania. He serves as BMM’s Administrator for Church Relations and Enlistment. Contact him at to learn more ways to serve.

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