General qualifications

  • Mature Christian character
  • Active membership in an independent Baptist church
  • Practice of personal and ecclesiastical separation
  • Practical experience in Christian service
  • Openness to the leading of the Lord regarding missionary service
  • Agreement with Baptist Mid-Missions’ Articles of Faith 
  • (If applicable) Proper legal documentation and immunizations required for the country you will visit
  • (If applicable) Proof of medical insurance that will cover you outside the United States

Specific requirements

  • Experience in evangelism
  • Experience in leading people to Christ
  • Adequate Bible training for the missionary endeavor you plan to be involved in
  • References who can attest to your character and fitness for missionary service


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Short-term, FirstLook (college), TeenConnect (high school), and TASK (adult—specialized skills)
  • Two references from persons who can attest to your character and fitness for missionary service (one should be the pastor of your home church.)
  • Submission of the proper application and $40.00 application fee  (fee is for FirstLook and TeenConnect only—for evacuation insurance)

Special Projects—¡Playball!
  • Baseball experience (playing and/or coaching)
  • Pastoral recommendation
  • Submission of application and application fee