Youth work trips


TeenConnect  is our youth missions program for individuals and groups. We can also develop trips based on your interests and skill sets. 

Commonly asked questions: 

What types of trips do you offer? 

Trips usually involve outreach (canvassing, VBS, children’s camp) and/or hands-on projects (painting, cleaning, light construction), depending on your group’s abilities.  

How large of a group can I take?

We recommend no more than 8-10 teens. Larger groups are difficult to manage and require greater resources from the host missionary. If you have a larger group, we suggest setting up a method to determine which of your teens has the most interest and spiritual maturity needed to serve with focus during the trip. 

Can teens serve overseas?

We strongly recommend domestic trips as the better option for teens. However, if your group travels overseas, here are some items to prepare for:

Everyone in your group will need:

  • A passport; some countries also require visas. (if travel is overseas.)
  • Health insurance that covers overseas travel.
  • To complete an application and submit a $40 application fee which includes evacuation insurance to cover unforeseen emergencies.

Language considerations:

Not being able to speak the language of the country in which you’ll serve will hinder your service. 


Groups may need to factor in the cost of a hotel and a van rental. Missionaries have limited vehicles, beds, and bathrooms available. Even if you/your group stays in a church, it most likely will not have showers.


This varies according to the type and location of the trip. Be sure to evaluate whether the total cost is a good investment of the Lord’s money or whether you could introduce teens to missions within your own state. 

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