Ways to promote missions

With missions, out of sight is out of mind.

Here are some ways to keep missions in front of your people:

Children: Begin to promote missions with the children in your church. Find a good children’s missions curriculum and teach it for a quarter.

Teens: Get them involved in outreach to your community. For those showing interest and promise, encourage them to go on a missions trip. 

Skype calls:  Arrange a time with your missionaries, send them questions you’ll ask, and do a practice run beforehand. Ask about hardships, blessings, prayer requests, how they’re settling in. Invite the missionaries’ children to give their impressions of missionary life. If possible, have a microphone and extra camera so church members can ask questions. Your church kids can ask questions of the MKs.

Share missionary letters: Post them in a conspicuous place. Take it a step further and have members of your missionary committee give a synopsis of the missionary letter before your morning service, pointing out new items, updates, and prayer requests. Have the committee member or pastor pray for the missionary. 

Adult Bible Fellowship classes: Once a quarter, possibly on a fifth Sunday, devote a class to missions. Use these times to share particular items/teachings you want to communicate about missions. 

Adopt a missionary:  This can be arranged as simply as a sign-up sheet with a missionary’s name and contact information, or you can make information packets that include prayer card, several prayer letters, and country information. Encourage church members to adopt missionaries and spend the next year corresponding with them.  Have them share what is happening with their families, send photos and cards during birthdays and holidays, and ask for specific prayer requests—be creative and give it a personal touch.