Ministry to orphans and abandoned children in Ethiopia

Youth Ministry

Assist in the operation of a ministry bringing hope to children and youth in a war-torn nation. BMM is offering basic care and education to many orphaned or temporarily displaced youth while training them up in the truths of Scripture. The work is hard and often emotionally stretching, but the gospel is reaching these youth and making a difference. The work is varied and opportunities are many. You may teach English, care for physical needs, and share Christ with a dear soul that has never heard of Him, all in the same day. The goal of the ministry is to see Ethiopian churches started and youth prepared to make a difference in their country.

Ethiopia is an ancient society, but one that is scarred by tribal rivalries and violence. The government is not opposed to Christianity, however, and it often refers people to our ministry for care. Be a light in a dark place. Complete a Next Steps form today!


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