Spain internship (1 year)

Various Needs

What if you could do an internship that gives you concentrated spiritual training and hands-on cross-cultural ministry experience at the same time? Consider BMM Spain. A group of missionaries offers a 1-year internship that will equip you to be transformed both internally and externally, resulting in sharing the word of God effectively in the Spanish culture. The internship will be demanding as it requires regular reading, writing, and intentional engagement with the missionary team.

The weekly format will include regular meetings with the mission team entertaining questions you have, discussing books you are reading, and praying together for God’s work in and around you. The mission team will also train you to engage with their community in hospitality and other activities allowing you to develop relationships that may have an eternal impact.

The goal is that at the end of the internship you will be able to move into the community to which God leads you with a purpose to engage, evangelize, edify, and equip. Maybe God will even lead you back to Spain to do these things as a missionary there.


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