Arriba is a one-of-a-kind missions experience that has been transforming the lives of college students since 1982. Under the guidance of skilled missionaries, Arriba students experience 11 months in Peru, beginning with 30 credits of relevant course work and continuing with a hands-on ministry internship in a Peruvian church.

The program is based in the Peruvian mountain and coastal cities of Cusco, Lima, and Trujillo. College professors from the United States teach courses, and students receive college credits for undergraduate work. After learning conversational Spanish, interns actively participate in missionary service experiencing six months of training with veteran missionaries and national Peruvian pastors. All participants are sent as short-term missionaries by the independent local churches of which they are members.

Eighty-two percent of Peru’s population follow the predominant Roman Catholic religion.

With almost half of the population being under 25 years old, Arriba interns will have many opportunities to develop relationships with young people ready for a godly influence.

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