Serving on the Frontlines

In her small Peruvian mountain town, Rachel Tarvin is making an impact for Christ by volunteering in the local government hospital during the COVID-19 crisis. Although the entire country of Peru is under a quarantine, Rachel received a salvoconducto, a pass that allows her through all police and military checkpoints for her service to the hospital.

Rachel’s roles have included being a runner and a scribe, pulling files, and answering questions. Her goal is to make the healthcare workers’ job a little easier. Rachel carries tracts and Gospels of John, which she passes out at checkpoints and to patients in waiting rooms. When she can obtain masks, she tucks them into bags, along with Gideon Bibles and bottles of water, and hands them to police officers.

This opportunity came about because of contacts Rachel developed last July through a medical campaign conducted by retired BMM missionary Dr. Mary Broeckert and Pensacola Christian College. The day after Peru’s president declared a state of emergency, Rachel offered her help to the hospital, and the director put her to work immediately. Rachel is also transporting staff to and from their homes, because there is no public and almost no private transportation. The Lord has given Rachel opportunities to clearly share the Gospel with several people and to pass out hundreds of tracts and Bibles to patients, staff, police, and soldiers at military checkpoints.

“And let our people also learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs, that they may not be unfruitful.” —Titus 3:14

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