Mobile Education Comes to Chad

January 2020 culminated a longstanding dream in Chad, Africa, as 141 men and women graduated from a three-year, 12-module program taught by BMM missionaries. Bringing the classes every January and October since 2017, the missionaries taught essential theology and practical topics to Chadian pastors, women’s ministry leaders, and church planters. The graduation attracted such attention that the governor and mayor were invited, and the ceremony was broadcast on local radio and television stations.

When the BMM missionaries had proposed the idea of the module program, the Chadians joyfully responded, “This is an answer to our prayers!” In many areas of Chad, Christian leaders want to teach sound doctrine, but they are undertrained or have no formal training at all. A traditional Bible school education is unavailable to many. At the graduation ceremony, the missionaries felt as though Hebrews 11 were coming alive. Some of the students have experienced persecution but have served the Lord for decades.

The Chadians’ hunger for this teaching is vividly illustrated by the story of one student, an older deacon from Chad’s capital, N’Djamena. He had just lost his wife before one of the modules was to be taught, and his relatives and friends were still at his house for the customary extended grieving process. After a few days, he told them, “You can stay here, but I have some classes that I just can’t miss!”

In January 2020, a second 12-module program was started in Chad for a new cohort of students. In this round, several of the teachers will be Chadian. Baptist Mid-Missions’ missionaries are discipling them to teach their own people. More than 100 new students have started this program.

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