Ministry to Moms in Brazil

Darrel and Jean Haworth’s children’s ministry has been integral to reaching their community in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil. Thanks to generous donations, they’re also reaching neighborhood moms.

The Haworths’ church plant, Union Baptist Church, bought a house next to the church that they are using to reach mothers of children that come to the church’s programs. Through US donors, Darrel and Jean started a food distribution program. Each woman receives a bag of basic grocery staples: rice, beans, coffee, milk, sugar, and cooking oil.

The program grew enough that Darrel and Jean divided the moms into two groups that meet weekly for crafts and Bible study. Along with completing an initial seven-week Source of Light series for seekers and new believers, the women are learning four Bible verses relating to salvation. Of the 30 moms that started the program, 24 stayed on to study the Bible, even after the Haworths ran out of groceries.

Several mothers have received the Lord through the program. Darrel and Jean urge them to attend church also, but fear is a big hurdle. The women ask, “How do I look? I don’t have the right clothes. Will they like me?” It’s much easier for them to come to the annex next door, but their hunger is greater than their fear, so they showed up to a special Sunday night service to get their grocery bag. They came with their families and friends, filling the church with more visitors than regular attenders. The Haworths hope to continue the program as funds are available.

Darrel and Jean’s love for the Brazilian people and their desire to see them find Christ have kept the Haworths actively serving in Brazil for the last 55 years, even into their retirement.

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