Baptist Youth Ministries

Baptist Youth Ministries meets the needs of missionaries and Christian churches, both large and small, seeking to reach children and teens with a strong biblical message. Baptist Youth Ministries has two programs: Bible Seekers (grades 1-6) and Bible Teens (grades 7-12). There is a strong emphasis for each clubber to earn a Bible and to learn how to use it. These programs are being successfully used in the United States and several foreign countries.

The Bible Seekers program (grades 1-6) features:

·     Complete start-to-finish instructions and teacher training

·     Fully revised Bible Seekers teacher’s manual (available for download at our website)

·     Bible lesson plans that teach Old Testament, then New Testament each year

·     Children quickly earning Bibles, then being taught how to use them

·     A Prayer Captain/Prayer Warrior network where church members pray for the clubbers

·     A simple awards program

·     Much more …

The Bible Teens program (grades 7-12) features:

·     Complete start-to-finish instructions

·     Teacher’s Manual with teacher’s lessons & student fact sheets in three volumes, each with 36 Bible lessons, spanning three years, covering:

  • The Seven Dispensations (first year)
  • Old Testament (second year)
  • New Testament (third year)

·     Adaptability for adult classes and prison ministries

To use these programs, you must be in agreement with the Articles of Faith of Baptist Mid-Missions. There is a small annual fee and an annual report to file. To receive an information packet, or if you have any questions, please visit:

Our Missionaries Serving in Youth Ministries: