Church Planting and Development

Church Planting in North America? Our Lord’s command is to go into all the world, beginning with our own “Jerusalem” and branching out to the ends of the world (Acts 1:8). As the gospel spreads into other lands, the discipling/church-planting ministry must continue throughout the homeland. This Great Commission outlook recognizes that strength in the foreign missionary effort is developed through ongoing active ministry development at home.

America has become a secular nation in which nearly 180 million people make no profession of faith in Christ. Baptist Mid-Missions’ Church Planting and Development ministries have missionaries serving throughout the United States and Canada. Ministries include urban, suburban, inner-city, and ethnic church planting. We are also involved in training ethnic church planters and pastors.

Our vision involves both missionaries called to a career of church planting as well as those desiring to start a church and continue as its pastor. It requires godly, diligent, persistent personnel called of God with a burden for North America.

The following materials and resources on North America church planting are available:

  • The Y-B-H Handbook of Church Planting
  • How to Write a Church Constitution
  • A Checklist for Church Planters
  • Child Safety Guidelines for Church Planters
  • The Church Planter's Toolbox newsletter
  • Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
  • Biblical Principles of Stewardship
  • Starting the Journey (Discipleship 101)
  • Catch the Vision (Discipleship 102)

(Y-B-H Handbook is available through The other items are available for free electronically at, or their printed versions can be ordered through Roger McNamara at

The Church Planting and Development Ministry Team publishes a newsletter called “The Church Planter’s Toolbox.” It is available at

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