Missionary Testimonials

Missionary Testimonials

Steve King (Côte d'Ivoire)

“A mission agency is one body, many members.  It is a family who gives each other enormous support—that’s the way we feel. In 1989, my wife, Gayle, and I came to Baptist Mid-Missions with a burden and a definite call by God to serve in missions. From our first contact until today, BMM has worked with us and our home church as we have been involved in Great Commission ministry. With BMM there is great interest and concern for all the families who make up the entire mission family. Whether serving on the General Council, the Global Ministries Center, or on the fields of the world, we are one body—many members—that’s Baptist Mid Missions.”

Rachel Tarvin (Peru)

“Baptist Mid-Missions embodies the Great Commission.  God gave it, and BMM helps us fulfill it.  From the start, working with the Global Ministries Center has been a dream.  They know what to ask, know how to help, and have so much experience that they make even us rookies look good.  In a few crisis situations that have arisen on the field, one call to the Global Ministries Center sets into action caring, professional experience and prayers in 100 different directions.  I know they’ve got my back and my best interests in mind. I praise God for raising up a group of servants that serve us while we serve Him.”

Kent Albright (Spain)

“Just a week before my wife, Belén, and I were interviewed to become new candidates with Baptist Mid-Missions, a friend commented to us that she considered BMM the ‘Cadillac’ of mission agencies. Nearly 30 years later, we can still fully agree. We are indeed privileged to be associated with a sterling organization that fills the void between churches and missionaries, bringing us every aid and assistance we could possibility need.”