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Anna Beth Wivell Bibles International Please pray for the arrival of the New Testaments in the Dagba language, a language spoken in southern Chad and northern Central African Republic. Bibles International has finished the translation of the NT into this language, and the copies have been printed and shipped. The container with its precious cargo of Dagba NTs is now sitting at customs at the border of Chad. Pray for our office manager, Mamra, who is currently working through red tape trying to get the container through customs. Thank you!!
Published: October 23, 2018


Anna Beth Wivell Bibles International Pray for our Chadian young people who are under pressure to participate in pagan initiation rites. These rites include many ungodly, harmful, and idolatrous practices, but many people (even church-goers) participate because of very strong cultural and societal pressure. They can even be kidnapped and physically forced to participate. Two of our Baptist churches have teamed together to try to protect some of our young people. They plan to provide a safe zone for them for the period of the initiation, and they plan to include a program of training on biblical and educational topics. Pray for the leaders of this program, and pray for courage for the young people to resist, and God's peace for those who may be rejected by their families afterwards.
Published: July 27, 2018


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