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David and Kathy Paskal United States Please pray our calendar for 2018, I have a good month of meetings in January. Only one meeting for February, In January I have a meeting in Alabama and no other church has responded from my calls to see if I can come Sunday PM or Wednesday PM Service. It is a long drive for one speaking engagement . Pray for open doors in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee. North Carolina. ETC.... Thank you David and Kathy Paskal
Published: December 26, 2017


David and Kathy Paskal United States Please remember to pray for my oldest son David he is 21 and is having huge struggles with substance abuse he does not live with me currently, I believe he truly needs Salvation to break free from his addictions. Pray for Joshua he is at Bible College as a Freshman and he to is faced with studies and job needs and issues with his car. My daughter Sarah is a freshman at Banner Christian and she needs prayer for making good decisions and continued discipline with her studies. Kathy and I are both working and trying to do deputation, this is challenging sometimes more than others. Pray for new meetings and additional support from previous meetings. For our support to increase as we would like to head to the field in the Fall of 2018. Thank You for all your prayers and support. David and Kathy Paskal, North America Jewish Out-reach team.
Published: October 4, 2017


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