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John and Paula Dannenberg Central African Republic In answer to prayer: We have encouraging reports of Wendy Atkins' visit to the refugees in Congo, and Ron Pontier, Steve Wolcott, Mufalme, the SP representative and Dr. Luke our Gen. Director, as well as 2 other doctors' visit to Obo and Zemio in the east to treat patients among the displaced people. At Zemio the refugees were given protection by the UN to cross over the river to receive treatment. 300 were treated, another 100 had to be sent away when they ran out of time. 22 surgeries were performed at Obo, doctors assisting our local Zande doctor with materials he needed to perform the surgeries. Dr. Luke also shared encouragement from God's Word. Samaritan's Purse is trying to see how they can get help to the refugees. Thank you for praying, Mary Anne Harris
Published: December 2, 2017


John and Paula Dannenberg Central African Republic Pray for a flight to Obo in eastern CAR, planned for Nov. 20-25. A medical team of 3 doctors: Drs. Luke, Paul Shepherd, and Derek Harbourne are being flown there by AIM pilot, Ron Pontier. Pray that their trip will minister to the Zande brothers and sisters in Christ--not only physically, but most importantly in their spiritual lives as well. The needs of those who are displaced are immense. Please continue to pray for help. The UNHCR hope to return to the area. They are looking for a site that could be a secure place for those who wish to return from across the river in DR Congo.
Published: November 16, 2017


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