Ernie’s voice was reassuring on the other end of the phone. It put 25-year-old Yessica at ease in her search for a good church in her new country. She had just moved to Cordoba from her home in Lima, Peru. Saved at age 12, Yessica had walked away from the Lord for many years but was now following Him once more. Upon her arrival in Cordoba, she had no job, no family and, until that phone call, no church. At Ernie and Carol’s invitation, Yessica attended a ladies’ meeting at Abundant Life Baptist Church, and from that point forward, she not only found a church that taught sound doctrine, but she also gained a family in the Masons, who loved her like a daughter.

Hunger for God’s Word

For almost two years, Yessica participated fully in the church by cleaning, helping with children’s activities, passing out tracts, and doing whatever was needed. The Masons helped her study the Bible, and she learned to base everything in her life on the Word. Taking video Bible classes through the church only increased her hunger for God’s Word. When an opportunity opened to study formally at a Buenos Aires Bible institute, it was an answer to her prayers.

The road to Bible school had many difficulties. In the months before she started, she was without work for three months, which drained her funds severely. On the day she departed, her backpack and Bible were stolen. Through trials such as these, she learned to cry out to the Lord in faith, even when no one knew her situation, and trust that God would provide. By His grace, He gave her a job in Buenos Aires, and she was paid on her first day. He even gave her a better study Bible than the one stolen.

Willing to go where the Lord wants her

Yessica graduated from the Bible institute in 2017 and returned to Peru. During her years at school, she had led her parents to the Lord over the phone. Yessica’s goal is to disciple her mother and live out her Christian life in front of the rest of her unsaved family. Yessica is open to missions and says, “My heart is willing to go where the Lord wants me. I’ve learned to cling to God in prayer and talk with Him about everything, not only because He makes me depend on Him more, but because He is my best friend.”