When missionaries gave her a Bible, Sunita defiantly used the pages to clean the floor.

by Sunita Singh 

I was born into a Hindu family and was proud of my religion and very happy to worship our gods and goddesses. When I was in eighth grade, a group of people came to our village to talk about Jesus Christ and distribute Bibles and tracts, and they gave some to me. I kept those tracts and the Bible for a different purpose. In our village, we cooked our food with firewood, so I used the Bible pages and tracts as hot pads, to keep the floor clean, and to cover some of the food I carried to school.

A few years later, we heard the news that one of my maternal uncles, Rajbabu, had become a Christian. I was very sad at this news and told my mother to not allow him to come into our home, because he worshiped another god now, and we could not have any relationship with him. I asked my mother if he had a job or was making any profit from Christianity, because I thought that may have been why he became a Christian.

A few months later, he came to our home and shared the gospel. He often came and told what he called “the good news,” and many times I told him not to come and share. But he did, anyway. I got angry and could not control myself. I threw his shirt, pants, and shoes outside of the house and tore up all the tracts.

Many times he asked me if I believed that I was a sinner. I replied that whether or not I was a sinner was none of his business. Again he asked, “If you were to die, where would you go?” I told him again that it was none of his business, but he never stopped coming to our home.

A few months later, my eleventh-year grades were issued and, unfortunately, they were not good. My parents decided to send me to my grandfather’s home where Rajbabu lived. I went there, but had no peace, because my uncle was a Christian and the rest of the family was Hindu.

One evening all of the family members gathered against him. They told him to stop believing in Jesus. They were very angry with him, and I took his Bible and gave it to another uncle. Together we tore pages out of the Bible. Rajbabu became very upset. The next day he wanted to share a story with me. I told him I wasn’t interested in any Bible story, but he said that he would tell about a person who persecuted Christians. That I wanted to hear, and he shared about Paul and how he persecuted Christians and was converted himself. He also shared the story of Job, and how much he trusted the Lord.

The Holy Spirit was working in my heart. I wanted to know more about Paul and why he became a Christian. That night I started secretly reading the Bible. I found some Bible verses—Romans 3:23, 6:23, John 14:6—and came to know that I was a sinner and needed to accept Jesus Christ. I realized that unless I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior, I could not go to heaven. I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior on March 19, 2004. I was baptized on November 5, 2006. Between those times, I lived as a hidden Christian, though I did go to church. After my baptism, I began to share the gospel with others. Some of my family members came to know that I was a Christian and told me to leave their home.

I joined a short-term Bible class at Northeast India Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Silchar. After taking the course, I came to know that all Christians are not the same. There are many people who lead others in the wrong way. I prayed that God would show me the truth. Later, I went to my church and gave a report of what I had learned and told them that I wanted to learn God’s Word. I was still living at home, but every Sunday I went to church. My father objected to my going and told me that if I went to church, society would take action against us. If I did not stop going, I had to leave home.

It was very hard for me to leave, because I loved my parents, but if I stopped going to church, I would not have fellowship with God and believers. I made the decision to leave, because there is no greater love than Jesus. I went to Pailapool to work at Pastor Sana Singh’s house. There I learned many wonderful things, and he and his wife became my spiritual parents, for which I am grateful. I was also able to have fellowship with other believers. After about six months, God opened the way for me to attend Bible college, and I had an opportunity every Sunday to teach Sunday School in Pailapool. After graduation from the Bible college, I became involved with ministry in Emmanuel BaptistChurch and also in the clinic in Pailapool.

Now my whole family has become Christian. My mother has a simple faith and witnesses faithfully with a burden for lost souls, sharing God’s word whenever she has opportunity. My father, who was totally against God, now has become a Christian; his life has changed, and he is standing for the Lord he trusts. I have one brother in twelfth grade, who has also become a Christian.

God has worked amazingly in my family. Our prayers are that, until we die, we will live for Him and testify to others about the love of God and that we are His children.

Editor's Note: Sana Singh and his wife Nancy serve as missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions in northeast India. Sana wrote this additional note about Sunita:

Sunita graduated from Bible college in 2012 and is actively serving the Lord at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Pailapool, India. I have seen very few young ladies who enjoy witnessing and do not take offense when insults are thrown at her because she is a Christian. She has a burden for the lost and has won several souls to Christ. She serves at Emmanuel Rural hospital in Pailapool, witnessing to ladies who come there for treatment. She teaches Sunday School and has a couple of discipleship classes for new believers, including some of the nurses.

After graduation from the seminary in 2010, Sunita’s uncle, Rajbabu, who was instrumental in leading Sunita to the Lord, is also serving as Chaplain in the same hospital and does follow up visits in the villages. He is also actively involved in his local church.