Hot-tempered and competitive, Selvakumar never thought of himself as a sinner.

Written by Jonathan Victor in a May 2012 prayer letter. Jonathan and his wife, Hannah, serve in southern India.

We are excited to share the testimony of a young man named Selvakumar (meaning “son of wealth”). He is from the Hindu faith, and all his relatives are practicing Hindus. He is a businessman in our city, and it was God's plan for this person to have some Christian staff in his office. One of the staff members made arrangements for Jonathan to meet this man for a casual chat about Christianity and Jesus Christ.

We met for about two hours in November 2011, and his interest in knowing more about Jesus was obvious. He started attending our worship service, and in the process he wanted to know more about personal salvation. On December 12, Jonathan had the joy of leading him to Christ, and now he has become a part of our new church plant. He was baptized in April.

He says that, before accepting Christ, he never thought himself as a sinner and of having any need to be forgiven by God. His friends and office staff testify changes even in his outward appearance and definitely in his inward behavior. Before his conversion he used to be an angry man and always ready to get even with people who compete in business or when other people cause him any trouble. He often used to say that he would fight to the end until his enemy is finished off.

Now, the testimony is that Selvakumar prays and lets God handle any problem in his life. He spends much time in prayer. Now he challenges his Hindu friends and relatives by claiming that, in the past, none of his prayers were answered by his Hindu gods, but now Jesus is alive and so He is faithful in answering his prayers.

In December, we were invited to do a first-ever Christmas program at his office. Also, his office was closed for Easter for the first time. Every day he and his staff have devotions in the morning. Now he has invited Jonathan to do a weekly Bible study in the morning office hours for his staff. A further exciting opportunity is that we have gospel meetings in his office twice a month, reaching out to Hindu folks in his community.

The fact that Selvakumar's Hindu work place is turning into a Christian office and an outreach center is an amazing work of God. Please pray that he will stand firm in spite of the opposition and criticism from his Hindu friends and relatives. His sister, who was very much against his conversion, has now softened. We have witnessed to her and are expecting God to open her heart as well. Please pray that God would bless our new church plant to continuously grow with first-generation Christian converts like Selvakumar. We really count on your prayers.