Taken from Jim and Hope Smith’s August 2018 prayer letter. The Smiths serve in South Africa.

Thirty-three years ago, Hope and I sat together in a youth service, challenged by a message on The Good Samaritan. The Holy Spirit gripped Hope's heart and compelled her to pray for just one person she could see come to Christ and then disciple. God answered that prayer the following week as she met Lori.

Hope shared The Gospel with Lori and ended with the question, "Would you like to receive Jesus!" Lori's response was so sincere and full of excitement. She said "Yes!" to Jesus, and the discipleship process began.

Lori couldn't seem to get enough. She just kept growing. After several years apart, with husbands and children now in the mix, God brought our two families together again in the same church for a few more years of discipleship and friendship to develop before our families moved again.

Last month, after nearly 20 years of lost contact and our numerous searches in-between, God allowed us to reconnect with Lori and her husband. To learn of her continuing journey with God and seeing once again her impassioned joy in following Jesus left us with a sweet reminder of the blessings that come from our own obedience to God and a renewed challenge to not neglect our mandate to follow and continuously encourage others in their walk as well.

Photo: Lori and Hope