By Anna Beth Wivell, who serves in Chad with Bibles International

A close Chadian friend of the BMM missionaries, Linda Mounta, felt as a young woman that God wanted her to devote her life to ministry as a single woman. This was a big decision both for herself and her family: A Chadian woman isn't considered to have value unless she is married and has children, not to mention the hardship for a Chadian woman living without a husband to provide for her. Her family would suffer loss too, as the dowry is still very much an active custom in Chad, so they would not get the huge sum of money they would normally have received at her marriage. But her father, Abraham Mounta, was a very godly pastor, and when she told him how God was leading her, he said, "My daughter, if that is what God wants you to do, you go and do it." 

With her father’s full blessing on the path God was leading her to travel, Linda went to Bible school in Chad. Her clear testimony and commitment to the Lord’s work were evident, and the BMM missionaries, along with her own local church, felt it was a worthwhile investment to help her get further training, so they sent Linda to the French Baptist Pastoral Bible institute in Algrange, France. It was not easy to study so far from her home and family, but God was with her and provided for all her needs. She finished her studies, passing with flying colors and returned to Chad to continue her ministry.

Linda has served the Lord faithfully for many years now as a femme evangeliste, a Chadian missionary woman. She has suffered many other hardships and has had little enough in worldly possessions over the years, yet I have never heard a hint of bitterness from her. Rather, she is always so grateful to the Lord for His provision. “I have always had something to eat,” she told me once when she was sharing her testimony with me. What a great example of commitment to the Lord! 

Photo: Linda (far left) with the other Chadian female missionaries.