Jody and Terry Colson shared Kebo’s story in their November 2020 prayer letter. The Colsons serve on the South Pacific islands of Micronesia. 

Yesterday we had a visitor from another island. Kebo told me that he has been listening to the radio since the first of the year. He decided if he ever made it over here to our island he would come and ask for a Bible.

Every Saturday night Kebo tunes in to the Sunday sermons that our daughter Andrea interprets from Dr. J. Vernon McGee's Sunday sermon series. He said he always joins in the prayer at the end of the sermons. After reading the gospel to him and asking some questions, Jody told him he believed God was sowing and watering the seed in his heart, and he could help him pray to receive Christ as Savior. Kebo was so happy to do that! Afterward he thanked Jody and said he really understands now, and that he knows he will go to be with the Lord when he dies.

Jody Colson leading Kebo to the Lord

Kebo very carefully folded his new Bible, songbook, and tracts in a shirt and put them in his backpack for his trip back to his island. The only thought Jody had as Kebo left was that he had been “Gloriously Saved.”

Please pray for him and the many people on other islands listening to our radio station.

Thank you for praying and giving. You help make it all possible.