Through the fire of persecution, Jobeda learned that God does not forsake His children.

Born into a poor Muslim family in Bangladesh, Jobeda lost her mother early in life.  When her father remarried, Jobeda’s stepmother had little love for her, making life difficult for the young girl. Around the age 12 or 13, Jobeda was married to a Muslim man.

At first, it looked as though peace would be restored to her life. Then her first son died, bringing sorrow to the teenage bride.  She had more children—three sons and a daughter—but more difficulties came. Her husband married a second wife and would not support Jobeda and their children. She kept her family alive by working in another person’s home. This income provided enough rice for her and the children to eat twice a day.

Jobeda’s father had once been a security guard for the mission hospital in her area. Being familiar with the ministry, Jobeda had enrolled her oldest son in the mission’s school, even before her husband left her. Now on her own, Jobeda decided to attend the mission church.  There she heard the gospel message and understood that Jesus Christ was the only Savior. Jobeda and her oldest son believed on Jesus Christ and were baptized on October 31, 1999.

Hearing of her baptism, her husband came to kill her, but she escaped. During the night, someone stoned her house, and she was unable to return home. The situation with her family and finances became worse. But by God’s help, Jobeda got a job at the mission hospital, enabling her to send her sons to school.

Despite the persecution she endured, Jobeda testifies that after she believed in Jesus Christ, her life changed remarkably.  She no longer feels comfortable with sinful things, as she did before she was a Christian. By God’s blessing, she is now happy with her children and has forgotten her past difficulties.  Jobeda’s sons have joined several choir teams and are praising God. They wish to witness for God more and to work for Him. Her husband has not returned, but he also does speak against her Christian belief. 

Jobeda says, “I have understood through my life that God will never forsake His children. In the Bible, I read, ‘The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing’ (Psalm 34:10). I have had God’s great blessing in my life and in my family.  I cannot describe all my thanks in my words.  As long as I live, I want to live in His will by God’s guidance.  Please pray for me.”