On the day he prayed, Isaac became a new citizen of heaven.

In early 2006, Isaac was invited to Iglesia Bautista Cristo Vive (Christ Lives Baptist Church), a Baptist Mid-Missions work in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  After hearing the gospel several times, Isaac sought out missionary Paul Kintner, who led him to Christ in the church nursery (the only available space at the time).  It was rather odd to be gathered around the little table, sitting on child-sized chairs, reading the old familiar salvation verses and praying. 

The sincerity of Isaac’s salvation decision was soon evident as he eagerly took on any ministry, from moving furniture to leading singing. He loved studying God’s Word and had many questions during informal classes.  In August of that year, he married the beautiful Señorita Flor.  Her father is a deacon, and her mother and brothers are also active in the church.  Isaac and Flor formed a Christ-centered home, and the Lord gave them two beautiful boys.  The couple proved to be a faithful help in many aspects of the work.

In July 2011, Isaac made the decision to return to his homeland in order to work on permanent immigration papers.  Flor and the boys, all US citizens, joined him during most of the year he was gone.  It was a time of testing as they waited on the Lord for His timing and permission to return to the States. God honored their obedience and his visa was granted in June 2012. 

The family was united once again in North Carolina in July, and they readily took up their former ministries and added new ones.  The whole church joined together for a celebration the night Isaac returned.  There were many tears of joy.  Isaac and Flor are now team teaching the youth Sunday School class, and they are busy serving the Lord in many other ways.  Paul Kintner and his wife, Elaine, are so thankful for these precious trophies of God’s grace.