Adapted from Nate and Karol Watkins’ March 21, 2018, prayer letter. Nate and Karol serve in New York City.  

You never know how a little kindness may change a life … FOREVER! A few weeks ago during a very cold time, when we didn’t get above freezing for about two weeks straight, our coworker, Aunt Beth “Missy”Jones, was walking home from the post office when she met a man on the sidewalk. “Gonzalo,” as he is called, was walking with a walker, so going slowly, and had no gloves. After exchanging greetings, they began to talk and she offered him her gloves. Even though they were ladies’ gloves and tight on him, he gladly accepted them because he was so cold. She then directed him to our house and said, “If you would go see our pastor [Nate], I think he would help you get some clothes.” 

A simple gift

The first time he came, he just asked if I could give him some of my used clothes, and he gave me his sizes. It was a very busy time, but I wanted to help him and also hoped to have the opportunity to share the gospel with him, so I asked him to give me time to go through my closet, and would he please come back tomorrow.  Well, I actually also wanted to shop for some new clothes, but I just didn’t have time to get it done that day, so when he came back I asked him if he could give me a couple more days, and we set up a time for him to come back.  

After giving him the clothes, I gave him a ride and we started talking. He was very interested, so when we got to his friend’s house, we sat in the car and continued going through Scripture for a while. He understood very well and wanted to receive Christ, at which point he asked, “Do I have to do this in church?” Answer, “No, you can do it anywhere.” He said, “Ok, I would like to do that right now.” It’s just so amazing. I never get used to witnessing that miracle of the new birth when, by the Holy Spirit, another person is born into God’s family! 

Much more valuable

After Gonzalo had accepted Christ, I asked a few more questions and it was clear he understood what God had just done in his life. Then he said, “You know what? I came for clothes, but what I got was much more valuable!” (Glory to God!!!)  Sometimes we have to work and toil really hard ground for a long time before God gives the increase, but with Gonzalo it was like picking ripe fruit … and that all came about because a little old lady (sorry Aunt Beth!) was willing to be God’s servant and share her gloves with a man who needed them. You never know when an act of kindness, like speaking to a stranger or giving him your gloves, might result in a life being changed forever!

Please be praying for Gonzalo as he was hit by a car over in Brooklyn almost two years ago and that is what messed up his leg. He lives with a great deal of pain and needs surgery, but the lady who hit him didn’t have much insurance and so far he has not been able to have his leg fixed.