Missionary teams can make a great impact in changing lives for Christ, as Douglas shares in his testimony about the BMM team serving in Urubamba-Cusco, Peru.

My name is Douglas Serrudo Quispe. I have been a believer in the Lord for five years and am a student at the Independent Baptist Evangelical Seminary of Cusco in Urubamba, Peru (Seminario Evangelico Bautista Independiente del Cuzco—SEBIC).

There has been no greater joy than to serve the Lord over the years, and I have tried to serve Him as best I can. I have come to know the people very well who dedicated their lives to the Lord full-time, even leaving their own country and their families whom they love, making a very long trip to show their love for the Lord and how much they want to serve Him. The missionaries are:

Kenneth Loveall and his family, a great man of God whom I can really say from the bottom of my heart is a tremendous blessing to have at SEBIC. He is the director, a good counselor, and a good shepherd. Personally, he helped me a lot in my spiritual life when I was still single and continues to help now that I am married. He is an example for many young people who yearn to serve the Lord.

Patrick Campbell and his wife. He is a good teacher and a good servant of God who teaches us about doing good works as brothers in Christ, and the love we will show will help win others to Christ. His service in Urubamba-Cusco, Peru, is very extensive and is a blessing. Personally I learn a lot from him as a teacher, as a pastor, and as a good husband. Every time he arrives in Peru we are waiting eagerly as he encourages young servants in their preparation at SEBIC.

Rachel Tarvin. She is a good teacher who supports and helps with serving at SEBIC. She works to encourage the students, helping them to work on their character. She is a servant who is willing to help the brothers who need help, and her love for children is tremendous, which can be seen in the Awana club that has reached many souls for the Lord.

Lydia Whitelam. She is a servant who influences many young ladies in their desire to serve the Lord. She is a good teacher and translator from English into Spanish and is a blessing in the lives of people. Everyone appreciates her work at SEBIC.

Aaron Cochrell and his family. He is a great servant of God and a well-prepared teacher. His work at SEBIC is helpful and is a tremendous blessing. His support and example are ones for us to follow in church ministry.

Joy Akkermann. For the time that we have known her, she is a good servant in service to the Lord. She is a good teacher and has a huge heart for children. Her life of service influences others to move forward in serving the Lord.

I want to be like the missionaries here who work hard every day and have a heart to serve all. I know that the Lord is happy with the work of these servants. Having them here in Peru is a blessing. Seeing them personally every day, for me, is a tremendous challenge to be like them. I hope that the Lord will allow me to be like them. I beseech God to continue to grant them good health, strength, and a desire to continue doing the work to which they were called to in Peru. May our God bless them greatly.