At age nine, Carlos arrived with a huge amount of emotional baggage at Grace Village in Ethiopia. He had been left at the gate of a remote country hospital as a baby and was raised by hospital staff until he was taken in by a foster mother who eventually could no longer afford to keep him. It was then that he came to Abraham’s Oasis’s residential community, Grace Village. 

His foster mother had taught him a lot, including how to be a strong Orthodox Christian, when and how long to fast, and how to be faithful in attending church and understanding all its laws. When his new caregiver at Grace Village told him of Christ and the freedom we have in Him, he was suspicious of such simplicity—“By faith alone …”

However, when he saw the joy in others and the lack of burdensome Orthodoxy, he started to examine this faith and eventually accepted Christ for himself. He completed his high school with plans to study animal science or medicine, but God changed his desires. When he came to see the director of Grace Village, Carlos said, “I want to be a pastor!”

A place was found for him to study in Ghana at the West Africa Bible College (directed by BMM missionary Timothy Seidu, shown in photo handing diploma to Carlos), and off he went! Four long years away from his beloved Ethiopia and the only family he has ever known reaped the reward of a theology degree. 

Carlos is now back in Ethiopia, working as Grace Village’s supervisor and also leading services and having Bible studies with the children and some caregivers. He is sharing the Word of God whenever he is free to do so. He is also taking postgraduate online classes in biblical counseling to better prepare him for the time when Grace Village has its very own Baptist church and pastor. For this, the Lord will not fail, and to Him be all the glory!