This story was shared by a missionary in a Creative Access Nation. All names are pseudonymns.

Kevin and Amy exchanged harsh words in an argument about their daughter, Daisy. In her distress, Amy went outside and drank a bottle of pesticide in a suicide attempt. Learning what had happened, Amy’s cousin, Lucy, arranged to transport Amy to a nearby hospital, but considerable damage had already been done to Amy’s organs. The doctors were able to remove the toxins from her system, but they told the family that they expected Amy to die within three months, believing her organs would eventually fail.

As the only Christian in their family, Lucy had shared the gospel with Amy before, but now the situation was desperate. Praying that it wasn’t too late, Lucy shared the plan of salvation again. This time, Amy trusted Christ as her Savior.

Lucy, her missionary friend, and their church began praying earnestly. If Amy made a full recovery, and if Kevin and Daisy received Christ, it would be a powerful testimony to their whole village. The missionary’s prayer supporters joined with them around the world.

As only our heavenly Father can, those prayers were answered in great and marvelous ways.  God provided an affordable medical facility for Amy, whose recovery has exceeded everyone’s hopes. She is almost back to normal and has a joyful outlook on life now. Lucy testified to the family that this recovery was due to God’s grace. The missionary visited Amy in the hospital and shared a love offering taken by the church. Asking if he could share the gospel with Kevin and Daisy, they granted him permission. As a result, Kevin and Daisy accepted Christ’s offer of eternal life. Kevin has since quit smoking, and both he and Daisy are going to church.

The family needs continued prayers for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, but God is able to use the tragedy of Amy’s suicide attempt to bring light to a small, dark part of their country where missionaries would never be able to go themselves.