Alysson, although not homeless, grew up on the streets of Juazeiro do Norte in northeastern Brazil. In spite of this, he made his way up to being a bank teller in the Bank of Brazil. For 10 years, he and his family lived a middle-class lifestyle as believers and members of a church started by BMM missionaries. However, his anger and an ungrateful spirit led to embezzlement and dismissal from the bank.

Because rent was cheap, Alysson and his family came to the poor and violent neighborhood where União Baptist Church was started by Darrel and Jean Haworth. To earn money, Alysson and his wife sold bottled ice water at traffic lights. They rummaged through trash at night for paper, plastic, and other recyclable materials.

Alysson, who lived just around the corner from União Baptist Church, had rejected the Lord and was trying to make it on his own. He had no desire to attend a service, but the sign offering free music classes caught his eye. He enrolled his boys in the Haworth’s Enrichment Program for elementary-age students. Later, Alysson attended a program to hear his children perform. He was so touched by the message that, after he spent the night crying, he returned to Jesus Christ his Savior and Lord. Today Alysson and his wife love to visit and evangelize the families of our Enrichment Program students. He has started classes at BMM’s Baptist Bible College of the Cariri.

Alysson says, “I know that there are still wounds, aftereffects, that need healing; but I have heard the voice of my Shepherd and He is taking care of us. “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light ...”