A unique reunion

By Bill and Dorothy Kettlewell

A unique reunion in March 2016 allowed us to see the grace of God in the lives of three men.  We met Tinto in 1977 when, as interim missionaries, we assumed the responsibilities at Faith Baptist Church in Sousa, Paraiba, Brazil. Tinto was 18, an exuberant young believer who was active in the music program. 

In 1991, we met Elton and Reginaldo in Casa Nova, Bahia, as we began working with Casa Nova Baptist Church in a new church plant.  Elton was four and Reginaldo was 11.  While interacting with Elton and Reginaldo in Sunday School, we had no idea of just how and where the Lord would take them.

From time to time, the Lord kept us in the lives of these three men, allowing us the privilege of watching them grow in the Lord. Reginaldo married one of the girls from the church and went on to Bible college. We were able to work with Elton the past two years as he completed his Bible college training and served as assistant pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Juazeiro do Norte.  What a pleasant surprise to hear that he would be assuming the pastorate at the church where we had met Tinto nearly 40 years ago, Faith Baptist in Sousa.

Tinto continues to be a leader in the Sousa church. He has become an accomplished composer, and he is a respected educator in his community.  Upon arriving at the church for Elton’s installation as pastor, we knew we would once again be seeing Tinto, but we had no idea that the keynote speaker would be Pastor Reginaldo, who is now a mature pastor in Juazeiro, Bahia. 

If reunions like this are so much fun now, imagine that Reunion in the sky!


Photo (L to R): Bill, Tinto, Elton, Reginaldo