A tale of two soils

This story was shared by a Creative Access Missionary:

Last month, James had a providential encounter with Eric, a young, up-and-coming sales professional. During their conversation, James was able to discuss his spiritual beliefs. Eric quickly replied, “Yeah, I’m that way, too.” Then he proceeded to “cross himself.”

The main topic he wanted to discuss was the importance of becoming financially successful. He remarked, “I don’t want to be wealthy, just comfortable. I know there are a lot of Rolls Royces in town, but I’d settle for a Mercedes.” (A Mercedes is a common car in our city!) “Then in about 20 years, maybe I can serve the Lord.”

James tried to help Eric understand that he should not hesitate in his service and that he needed to give honor and thanks to God in all of his current endeavors. Sadly, all there seemed to be in Eric’s eyes was the sparkle of the dollar sign. Eric’s attitude is representative of the seed that fell among thorny soil, which the cares and riches of the world choked, resulting in unfruitfulness.

Just a few days later, one of our missionary colleagues brought a friend, Wang Xing (pronounced “Wang Shing”), to our Bible study time. As James was about to start the lesson, Wang asked, “Could you tell me about Jesus?” So instead of his planned lesson, James proceeded to explain the simple message of Christ’s death on the cross for mankind’s sins.

Wang listened very carefully and never once interrupted with a question or tried to change the topic. When James concluded, he asked Wang if she would like to receive the free gift of salvation. She said she would, and she proceeded to put her trust in Christ! How exciting it was to watch this prepared, good ground receive the Seed and desire to grow! Please remember this new, tender plant, Wang, and her need for growth and fruitfulness!